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Treetops Train Set
Take the train with its 2 carriages on a mountain trail to see a bear, moose, and fox. Balance the animals on 2 grassy parts, the fir tree or the cosy alpine chalet. Age range: 3 Years And OlderProduct size:...
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Tenderleaf Tool Bench
Want to build something on your own? This tool bench is perfect for any budding carpenter. 18 pieces included. Age range: 3 Years And OlderProduct size: 20.08 x 14.37 x 27.95”Weight: 18.92 lbs
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Table Top Tool Bench
Creative play is the theme here with lots of holes in which to either place your tools or make a face or even a robot! Tools included are a Hammer, Screwdriver, spanner, saw and handy red drill. Chalk up a...
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Cooking on the go! A portable fold away kitchenette with hob and clacking dial, and a pretty clock with moving hands helps teach how to tell the time. Included are 2 wooden utensils, a potholder, a pan to flip a...
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Underwater shapes
Let’s discover all the shapes under the sea! Lift out the puzzle pieces to reveal the names of different shapes. Encourages children to discover the world differently and learn all about the classification of geometrical shapes.  Age range: 18 months +Product...
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Citrus fractions
Teach your little ones the concept of fractions using our juicy Citrus Fractions! Use the knife to cut the round fruits in halves, quarters or fifths! The fractions are printed underneath to help children understand this mathematical concept.  Age range: 18...
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Bear colours clock
Match up the colors and learn numbers and time with our Bear Colors Clock! It can be hung up on a wall with small bracket on the reverse.  Age range: 3 Years And OlderProduct size: 9.37" x 8.74" x 0.79"Weight: 0.88 lbs
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Monster Lock Box
This fabulous monster Lock Box features 8 different doors with various lock mechanisms and 2 monster shapes. Perfect for free exploration and hiding scary monsters! It helps children to develop their problem solving skills and learn how to open and...
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Rainbow tunnel
Stack these tunnel pieces together to make a real rainbow! A great first puzzle for your toddler to develop their matching skills, size and color recognition.  Age range: 18 months +Product size: 8.27" x 1.18" x 5.24"Weight: 0.77 lbs
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Twisting Cubes
Match up the animal bodies with these delightful Twisting Cubes! This simple toy will keep your toddler entertained while they learn about four different animals. Aids manual dexterity and matching skills. Presented in a pretty open box. Age range: 18 months...
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Weather Watch
A top-quality illustrated wood Weather station that links all aspects of climate into a simple and educational board that can be hung up on a classroom wall or played with on a tabletop. Rainfall, wind speed, temperature, seasons and a...
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Fire Engine
This bright fire engine has an unrolling hose and a natural wood extending arm to take the 4 firefighters to dizzying heights to fight fires or rescue a kitten! Includes lots of accessories which can be carried inside the body...
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