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Rise Baby

Linea Mamma Baby

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A LITTLE CHICK because that’s how small and soft your baby is during a warm and relaxing bath. 100% naturally derived, our Baby rice is perfect for baby wash, make the whole body of your baby soft and refreshed.

Rice starch comes from rice, which is firstly softened, then minced, sieved and in the end pulverized. The Baby wash is very important for the newborn, Baby rice starch can grant a correct and careful hygiene. Differently from adults in fact, the newborn’s pH is not acid enough and his sweating is not yet developed.

Diaper-area, armpits and face are more vulnerable to bacteria proliferation and consequently they need a particular care, both during the washing and during the drying. Rice starch dissolved in water is the most delicate solution for the baby wash, it is an excellent remedy against reddening. Soothes and softens the skin. Rice starch can be a great help for grown-ups as well, especially during summer, after sunburns. Oryza sativa starch (Rice starch) 100% in small chunks.