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Micro - Mini Deluxe Scooter - Apricot

Micro - Mini Deluxe Scooter - Apricot


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Surfing the sidewalk – the Mini Micro was elected Toy of the Year by kids and parents several times ! This sports toy not only encourages movement and exercise, it also helps children to improve balance, coordination and motor skills. The Mini Micro Deluxe was specifically developed for toddlers and preschoolers in collaboration with Swiss medical professionals.
  • Ages 2 - 5 years
  • Max Load: 35kg
  • Weight: 1.99kg
  • Wheel Size: 120/80mm PU
  • Handlebar Height: 69 - 92cm
  • Develops balance skills
  • Stable 3 wheel design
  • Intuitive lean-to-steer action
  • Wide non-slip deck, low to the ground
  • Quality non-marking wheels